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What Your Dollar Buys
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The power to improve our world rests with each of us, and it begins with a personal commitment. Partners in Giving shows what can happen when caring people make such a commitment. 

A gift of any size can make a difference — even $1 per pay period. Look what participating charities can do for about $26 per year:

  • Access to Community ServicesBuy 1 flotation aide for an adaptive aquatics program.

  • Provide a manual and training to a caregiver, giving them the tools and knowledge to keep an older adult they care about healthy and independent.

  • Adopt a snow leopard in Central Asia and helps protect it from poachers who kill them for their fur, bones, and other body parts.

  • Feed a family of two for one week. 

  • Pay for 100 miles of travel to allow volunteers to speak out at public hearings on mining.

  • Provide a school uniform, socks, and shoes for a child in Kenya.

  • Enable a diabetic kidney patient to purchase a 4 - 6 month supply of syringes.

  • Treat two children who have been infected with cholera

  • Provide assistance toward the purchase or repair of durable medical equipment like walkers, canes, grab bars, etc.

  • Buy 10 to 12 booklets or 20 days Bible Study for Chaplains.

  • Pay for a day, meals included, at Conservation Summer Camp for a low income Wisconsin high school student. 

Here are some additional examples of what your contribution can do:

  • $1 a month feeds a family of four for two days (Hunger Relief Fund of Wisconsin – administered by Hunger Task Force, Inc.); sends a child with epilepsy to a morning of summer camp (Community Health Charities of Wisconsin).

  • $5 a month supports printing and giving information to more than 500 children on how to avoid and respond to bullying behaviors (Community Shares of Wisconsin); helps an individual purchase work clothes or supplies (Access to Community Services).

  • $10 a month provides a half day of environmental education, either in the classroom or in the field, for an entire grade level, elementary through high school (EarthShare); buys a comprehensive Grief at School Training Kit to aid teachers in assisting grieving students (America’s Charities); buys all the supplies for one school team and teacher to participate in the Wisconsin Envirothon (Wisconsin Environmental Education Fund).

  • $20 a month delivers mosquito nets to 15 families in Angola. (Global Impact); provides training for twenty volunteers who provide support to ex-offenders re-entering the community (United Way of Dane County).

  • $25 a month will buy a tent heating stove, 3 blankets and a lantern for a family in Afghanistan (Neighbor to Nation); will give more than 833 farm animals better living conditions and humane handling (Independent Charities of America).

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