The State, University & UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County

Administrative Board and Committees

Welcome to Partners in Giving! Partners in Giving is the name of the charitable fundraising campaign for state, UW and UW Health employees who work in Dane County.  The volunteer-run workplace fundraising drive combines smaller efforts at agencies, the UW and UW Health to raise over $2 million each year for more than 500 state, national and international charities!

The eight-week fall campaign is run almost entirely by volunteers and is the Dane County portion of the State Employees Combined Campaign. Employees can donate to the charity or charities of their choice and quickly and efficiently pay by cash, check, credit card or payroll deduction.

Employee volunteer Chairs and Coordinators at various worksites host agency or UW Department campaigns to generate donations. Employee volunteers also sit on various Partners in Giving Board Committees and the Committee Chairs comprise the Partners in Giving Administrative Board, which oversees the campaign.

While there is an administrative cost to organizing and operating the annual campaign, The Board strives to continually maximize the campaign’s efficiencies of scale to hold costs to an absolute minimum. Total administrative expenses for the Partners in Giving campaign in 2015 was only 4.1%. In 2015, employees donated more than $2.5 million to charities of their choice.

The state of Wisconsin does not specifically sponsor the state employee combined campaign, but it supports it in state Administrative Code. Chapter 30 formally authorizes state employees to designate payroll deductions for charitable purposes approved by the Department of Administration and the Governor. The purpose of Chapter 30 is to ensure that only approved charitable organizations are permitted to be designated for payroll deductions by state employees and donations by payroll are used for the announced purposes of the charitable groups.

Charities which apply to be part of the campaign are carefully screened by the Eligibility Committee each year, must meet strict eligibility requirements and then be formally approved by the state.

We invite you to read more and then join us to support the charities of your choice. Together, we can Change a lot!


Board members Greg Zalesak (Board Co-Chair), Connie Chesnik (Board member) and Phyllis Fuller (Board Co-Chair) at recognition ceremony

Administrative Board

Co-Chair Phyllis Fuller, 2422-6207,

Co-Chair Greg Zalesak, 263-0590,

Lori Berquam, Chair, University Committee, UW Dean of Students,

Connie Chesnik, Co-Chair, Special Events Committee, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, 422-7040,

Linda Eggert, Chair, Marketing Committee, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, 240-5409,

Kristi Heming, Co-Chair, Special Events Committee, Department of Chemistry, UW-Madison, 262-6815,

Lindsay Johnson, Co-Chair, Training Committee, Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds, 267-7782,

Tammy Kuhn Martin, Co-Chair, Training Committee, College of Engineering, UW-Madison, 265-0504,

Rachel Meek, Chair, Eligibility Committee, Wisconsin Department of Administration,  270-2535,

Thomas Smith, Chair, State Coordinating Committee, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, 422-6920,


Eligibility Committee

  • Rachel Meek, Chair, Wisconsin Department of Administration, 270-2535,
  • Godwin Amegashie, Wisconsin Department of Administration
  • Matt Bodden, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
  • Tim Coulthart, Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau
  • Laura Jirsa Dille, Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
  • Gale Johnson, Wisconsin Department of Health Services
  • Angela Keelan-Martinez, Wisconsin Department of Administration
  • Andrea Ruiz, State of Wisconsin Investment Board
  • Marcus Miles, Wisconsin Department of Administration
  • Denise Nechvatal, Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands
  • Julie Last, College of Engineering, UW-Madison
  • Maggie Wolfe, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development


Marketing Committee

  • Linda Eggert, Chair, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, 240-5409,
  • Jelena Gagula, Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services
  • Kristi Heming, Department of Chemistry, UW-Madison
  • Bob Paolino, Legislative Reference Bureau
  • Amanda White, UW Hospital & Clinics


Special Events Committee


State Coordinating Committee

  • Thomas Smith, Chair, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, 266-2562,
  • Patricia Bakken, Retired
  • Rita Black-Radloff, Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
  • Rob Hamilton, Wisconsin Department of Health Services
  • Dorothy Ruff, Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority
  • Thomas Ryan, Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services
  • Shelly Schueller, Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
  • Lori Whitney, Legislative Mail Room


Training Committee

  • Tammy Kuhn Martin, UW Co-Chair, College of Engineering, UW-Madison, 265-0504,
  • Lindsay Johnson, State Co-Chair, Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds, 267- 7782,
  • Renae Beier, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
  • Roxy Walker, Wisconsin Department of Revenue
  • Jennie Brady, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
  • Jonathan Eckelberg, Wisconsin Department of Tourism
  • DeAnna Sellers, Wisconsin Department of Revenue
  • Becky Kikkert, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
  • Sheree Rayford, Wisconsin Department of Corrections
  • Mou Vang, Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority
  • Larissa Leist, Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority


University Coordinating Committee

  • Lori Berquam, Chair, Dean of Students, UW Madison, 263-5702,
  • Melissa Amos-Landgraf, School of Education
  • Michael Childers, UW-Extension
  • Tammy Kuhn Martin, College of Engineering
  • Kathryn May, School of Nursing
  • Margy May, General Services/OHR
  • Zach Robbins, Arts Institute
  • Brian Rust, Division of Information Technology
  • Greg Zalesak, UW School of Medicine and Public Health


Umbrella group representatives receive 2015 Partners in Giving Check for $2.5 million dollars

Umbrella group representatives receive 2015 Partners in Giving check for $2.5 million dollars

Umbrella Representatives to Administrative Board and Committees

  • Darren Blankenship, EarthShare Wisconsin
  • Cheri Buckner, Community Shares of Wisconsin
  • Kathy Schoepp, Access to Community Services
  • Jackie Ruggles, Community Health Charities of Wisconsin
  • Carli Wilke, United Way of Dane County
  • Justin Williams, Community Shares of Wisconsin
  • Nick Wood, United Way of Dane County