The State, University, and UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County

Community Shares of Wisconsin

Community Shares of Wisconsin has been working to advance social justice and environmental protection for over 45 years. Its member nonprofits are leading efforts in Dane County and throughout Wisconsin to protect our civil rights and build a safe and sustainable future where everyone can thrive.

Community Shares’ cooperative structure provides voice to all of its member nonprofits which means your support fuels a movement that is based on partnership, support, and collaboration between leaders in local grassroots organizations.

A gift to Community Shares itself helps support each of the member organizations listed in this section it also supports the services that Community Shares offers all its members, including training, technical assistance, and networking opportunities.
You may also give directly to one or more of the member organizations listed here—and the groups receive 100% of the funds that you direct to them.

Administrative/Fundraising Percentage: 13.3% according to latest IRS form 990 filed for 2018. For more information contact the organization at (608) 256-1066.