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Community Shares of Wisconsin

What happens when a group of ordinary people decides to focus on the root causes of injustice? They make things better—for everyone. Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW) has been working for social and environmental justice since 1971.

Today, CSW brings together the work of over 50 nonprofits. We work to create: (1) a cleaner, safer environment; (2) justice for all; (3) fairness for people with disabilities; (4) affordable housing; and (5) more community engagement. CSW knows that when we all work together we’re more effective, especially on behalf of those who often are disenfranchised, are overlooked, or have no voice.

What does CSW offer our member groups?

• We offer funding (thanks to you!).

• We offer training and consultation— on topics like accounting, marketing, and legal issues—which strengthens these nonprofits.

• We offer a forum that encourages partnerships and collaboration.

About collaboration: “All of the environmental groups that are members of Community Shares have the chance to connect and work together for greater impact. We tackle problems that are bigger than any one person or one group. And by approaching issues from multiple angles, we make real progress in creating a cleaner environment,” according to Kim Wright, Executive Director of Midwest Environmental Advocates.

How can your donation make the biggest impact?

• If you give your gift to Community Shares, it helps support all of our member groups listed here.

• If you direct your gift to one or several of our member nonprofits, those groups get 100 percent of your donation.

Your gift helps us make major strides for justice. Thank you.

Administrative/Fundraising Percentage: 16.0%