The State, University, and UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County

Neighbor To Nation

Neighbor To Nation (NTN) represents a broad spectrum of national and international charitable organizations committed to eliminating hunger, providing vital disaster relief, improving treatment and finding cures for major illnesses, supporting economic development and self-sufficiency programs around the world, and addressing a wide range of social challenges through faith-based service. In the caring hands of our charities, funds are hard at work, building and strengthening the lives of men, women, and children in crisis.

You may contribute to Neighbor To Nation as an organization or directly to the participating organizations listed in this section. Neighbor To Nation distributes its own designations and its share of general contributions to participating charities based on a percentage equal to each charity’s designations.

Administrative/Fundraising Percentage: 3.5% according to latest IRS form 990 filed for 2018. For more information contact the organization at (877) 841-6839.