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Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education

Wisconsin has a proud tradition of supporting environmental education. In 1935, we became the first state to pass legislation requiring “adequate instruction in the conservation of natural resources” for certification to teach science or social studies in public schools. Today, networks of organizations work to ensure that all communities in Wisconsin, in addition to school children, have the knowledge and skills necessary to build ecologically mindful communities. For Wisconsin residents, sustainability = civic mindedness.

The Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education provides financial support to a broad range of institutions that are working to advance education for environmental literacy and sustainability in Wisconsin. Member charities provide specific environmental education opportunities throughout the state.

You may contribute to the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education itself or directly to the member organizations listed in this section. Members receive 100 percent of funds designated specifically to them plus a portion of general funds based on a percentage equal to each charity’s designations.

Administrative/Fundraising Percentage: IRS Form 990 not available. Contact organization at (715) 570-2587 for more information.


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