The State, University, and UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County


Partners in Giving helps you make an impact by partnering with a number of local, state, national, and international umbrella charity organizations. These groups ensure your donations go to reputable, effective charities with a strong track record.

Full list of all Participating Charities

Virtual Charity Lunch and Learns

You are invited to join us for a Virtual Charity Lunch and Learn. The Charity Lunch and Learns will occur every Tuesday during the Partners in Giving Campaign. Grab your lunch and join us to hear from charities who are making an impact locally, nationally, and internationally. Please register below.

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State and Local Umbrella Organizations

United Way of Dane County

The greatest problems facing Dane County are complex. Secure housing, livable wages, quality education, and health supports are all interconnected – without one the others fall apart. That is why we need to tackle these issues at their root, working together to ensure no wrong door for families who are striving to maximize their potential. And that is where we at United Way of Dane County come in!

Access to Community Services

Access to Community Services

Access to Community Services was founded on the belief that all people deserve equal access to opportunities that allow them to live, work, and enjoy life in their communities. Member charities provide people with disabilities and other challenges access to job training, support in living situations, and assistance with recreational time through arts programs and sports opportunities.

Hunger Relief Fund of Wisconsin

The Hunger Relief Fund of Wisconsin, administered by Hunger Task Force, Inc., is a coalition of the state’s leading anti-hunger agencies that work at the ground level to provide nutritious food to those who need it most: children and the elderly, veterans, and working-poor families.

Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education

Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education

Wisconsin has a proud tradition of supporting environmental education. In 1935, we became the first state to pass legislation requiring “adequate instruction in the conservation of natural resources” for certification to teach science or social studies in public schools. Today, networks of organizations work to ensure that all communities in Wisconsin, in addition to school children, have the knowledge and skills necessary to build ecologically mindful communities. For Wisconsin residents, sustainability = civic mindedness.

Creating Healthier Communities

Building stronger communities and empowering people to take action to improve health and wellbeing through giving opportunities, causes, volunteering, and health resources.

Logo for Community Shares of Wisconsin

Community Shares of Wisconsin

Community Shares of Wisconsin’s member nonprofits work on the front lines in Dane County and throughout Wisconsin to protect our rights and build a safe and sustainable future for all of us. Our cooperative structure provides voice to member nonprofits which means your support fuels a movement based on partnership, support, and collaboration among leaders in local grassroots organizations.


For more than 30 years, EarthShare has made it easy for people to actively contribute to solutions and programs that protect our natural resources and our quality of life. With your help, we have delivered more than $370 million to support work that protects our air, land, water, wildlife, and home!

National and International Umbrellas

Global Impact

Global Impact works on charitable ventures to inspire greater giving. We serve as a trusted advisor, intermediary, and implementing partner across the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. Through these partnerships, we have raised nearly $2 billion for causes such as disaster relief and global development. Our expertise includes fund raising and partnerships, employee engagement and corporate social responsibility (CSR), and finance and business services.

Logo and wordmark for America's Best Charities organization

America's Best Charities

Providing services to America and the world through disease research, community health programs, child welfare, and conservation. Members of America’s Best Charities strive to improve the global quality of life. You may contribute generally to America’s Best Charities, or directly to the member organizations listed in this section. America’s Best Charities distributes its designations and its share of general contributions to member charities based on a percentage equal to each charity’s designations.

America's Charities

America’s Charities works to develop the spirit of giving at the workplace by offering a broad range of charities reflecting the diversity of the American people and supporting efficient, low-cost workplace charitable giving campaigns. Our goal is to provide member charities with the financial resources required to meet emerging needs.

2021 Partners in Giving General Campaign Contributions Distribution, by Umbrella Group

May 15, 2022


2021 Total Designated Contributions

Distributed to Umbrella Groups:


·       United Way of Dane County44.03% or $828,415
·       Community Shares of Wisconsin15.76% or $296,406
·       Creating Healthier Communities 14.81% or $278,697
·       EarthShare Wisconsin  6.60% or $124,117
·       Hunger Relief Fund of Wisconsin  5.07% or $95,319
·       America’s Best Charities  4.59% or $86,326
·      Global Impact  3.57% or $67,221
·       America’s Charities  2.39% or $44,934
·       Access to Community Services  1.64% or $30,926
·       Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education  1.54% or $28,956
TOTAL Campaign (designated and undesignated)   $2,046,269.87