The State, University & UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County


Welcome donors and those considering making a donation! This area is for you. Here you can find major news and updates on the annual campaign and answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We hope to provide you with the information you need to to consider giving to Partners in Giving and the charity or charities of YOUR choice!

Partners in Giving is trusted, efficient and successful. Each fall, Partners in Giving teams up thousands of state, University and UW Health employees in Dane County and offers them the chance to give to the charity or charities of their choice. Last year, over $2.4 million was raised for 520 charities, thanks to the generosity of employees like you! You simply choose yourheir charities and payment method: cash, check, credit card and/or payroll contribution. You can give online or with a paper pledge form.

Together, for over 45 years, Partners in Giving (link to video) has been making a difference in the lives of countless people and places around the globe and right here back home. We hope you will join us and be a Partner in Giving!

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What’s New?

  • Theme: The Partners in Giving 2019 Campaign theme is “Give Hope”. No one should have to live without hope. During this year’s campaign, we are banding together to create hope for people, families and communities in need at home, across the country, and around the world.

  • Paper Pledge Form: Partners in Giving has a new paper pledge form this year! It was redesigned to save money and paper and to consolidate distribution, tracking and payroll processing. The new form is one page, instead of a 3 pages. It will list your name and agency/department code printed on it, but nothing else. Employees may also give with a blank paper pledge form. The new form process will save the Campaign thousands of dollars and create a more efficient way of handling your paper pledges.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The new form means you will no longer automatically receive a copy of your paper pledge form donation. Please make a photocopy of the paper pledge form before handing it in, or use your phone to snap a picture of it for your files, if you wish to have a copy.

  • If you need help, please ask your volunteer coordinator to make you a copy of your pledge form or ask the fiscal agent for a copy by calling 608-246-4350.

  • Remember, your giving history is always available online by logging into the Donate Now giving portal at

  • Donors who give by cash, check, or credit card will automatically receive a receipt for tax purposes for a single payment of $250 or more. The fiscal agent will send it by US mail.

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