The State, University, and UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County

Announcing Our 2021 Theme: Make an Impact!

Each year, Partners in Giving selects a new campaign theme that emphasizes an element of what makes our longstanding tradition of giving so successful. Marketing Committee Chair Linda Eggert shares her thoughts on this year’s campaign and what it means:

Have you ever picked up a stone and thrown it into a lake or pond? It hits the surface with a burst of energy, and in an instant that energy shoots outward, creating ripple after ripple.


Life can be like that, too. One simple targeted act of kindness can have a ripple effect on countless people.


That’s also true when you donate to charity. Your act of sharing can impact people and situations in ways you never imagined.


This year, Partners in Giving is embracing the potentially powerful ripple effects of charitable giving with its 2021 Partners in Giving Campaign theme: Make an Impact!


The theme recognizes the power we all hold to create positive change and the ripple impacts our donations have on untold places and people.


Starting Oct. 11, you are invited to positively impact lives by joining with thousands of other State, University and UW Health employees in Dane County and donating to one or more of the 500 eligible charities.