The State, University & UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County

Campaign Volunteers – Why We Give

Video: Partners in Giving: Making a Difference for 45 years!


Current and past campaign volunteers on why they choose to give:


Lily Castonguay, Campaign Volunteer

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Lily“Everybody at one point or another has needed assistance from somebody else, and it’s a personal responsibility.  I think, in a community to give back to others.  I’ve been in the position where I haven’t had enough time or money to give back, but now I have the chance to turn that around.”



Robert Scheuer, Campaign Volunteer

UW Hospital & Clinics

Robert Scheuer‘A lot of the charities in the campaign are charities that our patients interact with every day.  For things that we can’t provide them with that the hospital or assistance outside the clinical setting, these charities are their support. It’s their safety net, and that’s important to me.”



Brian Rust, Campaign Volunteer

UW­Madison Division of Information Technology

Brian Rust“My wife and i find that payroll deduction through Partners In Giving is an easy way to contribute to things we believe in.  We are very concerned about people who don’t have as much as we do.  People who have needs for housing and food are one of our key interests.”



Connie Chesnik, Campaign Volunteer

Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Connie Chesnik“I think we all want to feel like we’ve made a difference, and being able to help somebody else, whether it’s helping a neighbor, a friend, or being able to give to Partners in Giving, just makes you feel good.”



Mark Blank, Campaign Volunteer

Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds

Mark Blank“You may not have time [to volunteer] after work or on weekend, yet you want to support various charities.  This is a way for you to do it through the workplace.   Give a few dollars every couple of weeks and then ask yourself at the end of the year whether you really missed it.”



Katharyn May, Campaign Volunteer

Former Dean, UW School of Nursing

Kathryn May“You want to make things better? Join the campaign. It’s an enormous point of leverage if we all engage in charitable giving. With our numbers of state and university employees, we’re moving mountains, but it starts one donor at a time.”