The State, University & UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County

Impact of Your Gift

The power to improve our world rests with you, and it begins with a personal commitment. Partners in Giving shows what can happen when you make such a commitment.

A gift of any size can make a difference — even $1 per pay period. Look what participating charities can do with a $26 per year gift from you:

  • Gives 20 people access to an anonymous online mental health screening that can help them better understand their mental health. (Community Health Charities)
  • Buys enough fresh, local, and sustainably grown vegetables for 24 local lunches in Madison schools through REAP Food Program. (Community Shares of Wisconsin)
  • Helps fund a volunteer for several days at special trail work projects throughout the state. (EarthShare Wisconsin)
  • Provides one hour of customized academic tutoring for one student. (United Way of Dane County)
  • Buys day programming supplies for individuals involved in group activities that promote socialization skill development. (Access to Community Services)
  • Buys 36 can of peaches in their own juices for a healthy snack. (Hunger Relief Fund)
  • Enables preschool-aged children to partake in one hour of Wonder Bugs On the Road, allowing them to experience the natural world in a setting close to their home. (Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education)
  • Buys toys for five children in an orphanage in the Congo. (Neighbor to Nation)
  • Buys and distributes 26 role model books to prison chaplains. (America’s Best Charities)
  • Provides books and literacy resources to 8 children. (America’s Charities)
  • Provides 3 fruit trees to a family in poverty with fresh fruit and an economic opportunity to start fruit farming. (Global Impact)

Here are some additional examples of what your contribution can do:

  • $1 a month provides training materials for Wisconsin Master Naturalists (Wisconsin Association for
    Environmental Education); provides urgent medical care for a refugee in a refugee settlement (Global Impact).
  • $2 a month buys one toy for hospital play areas or recreational areas located in family lodging facilities (Community Health Charities); provides prenatal vitamins for an expecting mother each month of pregnancy in Mexico (Neighbor to Nation); purchases materials for the Veterans Art Studio through VSA Wisconsin (Access to Community Services)
  • $5 a month provides 3 blind or visually impaired people with a white can through Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired (Community Shares of Wisconsin); helps fund ecological restoration projects on Dance County protected lands near Black Earth Creek, Patrick Marsh, Town of Dunn, and Westport Drumlin (EarthShare Wisconsin); provides a job to a refugee teacher at the children’s school for 1 day every month (America’s Best Charities);  provides educational brochures and prevention-friendly give-aways toe encourage cancer prevention at a State Fair. (America’s Charities).
  • $10 a month purchases 9 jars of formula to feed infants (Hunger Relief Fund); provides 10 hours of academic tutoring for a struggling student (United Way of Dane County).