The State, University & UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County

Impact of Your Gift

Hunger Relief Fund-House of PeaceThe power to improve our world rests with you, and it begins with a personal commitment. Partners in Giving shows what can happen when you make such a commitment.

A gift of any size can make a difference — even $1 per pay period. Look what participating charities can do with a $26 per year gift from you:

  • Buys 25 boxes of breakfast cereal for kids.
  • Supplies one classroom with owl pellets for dissection at the Mequon Nature Preserve.
  • Provides an individual diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes with a cookbook to help them learn what and how to eat to manage everyday living through the American Diabetes Association.
  • Helps pay for a low-income family’s membership in Community GroundWorks CSA through their Food-to-Share fund.
  • Provides three copies of Aldo Leopold’s landmark book “A Sand County Almanac” for disadvantaged students..
  • Provides books, art supplies and activity supplies for up to 4 families for home visits that support parents during critical development stages of their children’s lives.
  • Provides 5 door alarms to notify families with children with disabilities if their child is attempting to leave their home without supervision.
  • Provides a Make-A-Wish kid and family with a photo-book to capture and reserve the memories of their wish experience.
  • Provides seeds to a vulnerable household for a vegetable garden.
  • Helps a child with cancer travel to treatment.
  • Sends a shipment of medicines to a community clinic.


FairShare CSA Coalition

Here are some additional examples of what your contribution can do:

  • $5 a month helps fund ecological restoration projects on Dane County protected lands near Black Earth Creek, Patrick Marsh, Town of Dunn, and Westport Drumlin. (EarthShare Wisconsin); provides reading materials for a student receiving literacy tutoring. (Access to Community Services)


  • $10 a month allows Dane County TimeBank to continue their youth court program, which offers youth mentoring, classes, and ways to build their skills and confidence. (Community Shares of Wisconsin); provides 7 jars of infant formula. (Hunger Relief Fund); helps feed a parent while their child is hospitalized. (Neighbor to Nation)


  • $15 a month pays for one child’s happy day at an American Diabetes Association Diabetes Camp where they learn about using insulin, checking blood sugar levels, and watching for lows. (Community Health Charities); pays for a bus with the capacity to hold wheelchairs for disabled students to take part in Mequon Nature Preserve’s ADA accessible trails. (Wisconsin Environmental Education Foundation)


  • $20 a month provides 6 households with utility assistance to prevent disconnection of services. (United Way of Dane County);  serves 200 people in Kibera, Kenya slum through a mobile medical clinic. (Global Impact)


  • $25 a month stains one tissue slide from a tumor biopsy to look for a predictive biomarker of cancer metastasis. (America’s Best Charities); Enables The LIVESTRONG Foundation to ensure that one cancer survivor will receive access to one-on-one emotional support. (America’s Charities)