The State, University & UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County

Impact of Your Gift

The power to improve our world rests with you, and it begins with a personal commitment. Partners in Giving shows what can happen when you make such a commitment.

A gift of any size can make a difference — even $1 per pay period. Look what participating charities can do with a $26 per year gift from you:

  • Covers the cost of a student to attend a hands on environmental education workshop. (Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education)
  • Buys one toy for hospital play areas or recreational areas located in family lodging facilities. (Community Health Charities)
  • Helps a low income mother learn about community programs and resources to help her better connect her child with special health care needs to care through ABC for Health. (Community Shares of Wisconsin)
  • Purchases seed to plant a partial acre at a future prairie restoration. (EarthShare Wisconsin)
  • Provides one day of summer day (8hours) camp for a child. (United Way of Dane County)
  • Provides 5 door alarms to notify families with children with disabilities if their child is attempting to leave their home without supervision. (Access to Community Services)
  • Buys 20 jars of peanut butter that kids can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. (Hunger Relief Fund)
  • Provides primary school children in rural communities with lesson books in subjects like reading, writing, and arithmetic. (Global Impact)
  • Provides four Colombian youth with the special opportunity to celebrate their birthday in a fun and dignified manner with a gift card to the movies or a local restaurant . (Neighbor to Nation)
  • Stains one tissue slide from a tumor biopsy to look for a predictive biomarker of cancer metastasis. (America’s Best Charities)
  • Provides a Make-A-Wish kid and family with a photobook to capture and reserve the memories of their wish experience. (America’s Charities)


Here are some additional examples of what your contribution can do:

  • $1 a month provides training materials for Wisconsin Master Naturalists (Wisconsin Association for
    Environmental Education); provides urgent medical care for a refugee in a refugee settlement (Global Impact).


  • $2 a month buys one toy for hospital play areas or recreational areas located in family lodging facilities (Community Health Charities); provides two mosquito nets to protect children from deadly malaria (Neighbor to Nation).


  • $5 a month provides Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools (GSAFE), with a car rental to spend a day in Milwaukee connecting Gay/Straight Alliance’s and club advisors (Community Shares of Wisconsin); supports an educational class visit and tour of the historic Leopold Shack and Leopold Center, where students learn the value of ecological restoration (EarthShare Wisconsin); feeds one dog for a month while in a kennel (America’s Best Charities); Screens one woman for cervical cancer (America’s Charities).


  • $10 a month provides two safety assessments and two follow up phone calls for older adults, allowing them to stay safe, healthy, active and connected with their community so they can live in their own home for as long as possible (United Way of Dane County); donates 5 bus rides for someone who does not qualify for specialized transportation or cannot afford transportation costs to get to and from interviews or a new job (Access to Community Services).


  • $15 a month provides a festive Thanksgiving Turkey or Holiday Ham to 12 families in need (Hunger Relief Fund);