The State, University & UW Health Employees Combined Campaign of Dane County

Impact of Your Gift

Hunger Relief Fund-House of PeaceThe power to improve our world rests with you, and it begins with a personal commitment. Partners in Giving shows what can happen when you make such a commitment.

A gift of any size can make a difference — even $1 per pay period. Look what participating charities can do with a $26 per year gift from you:

  • Buys enough vegetable seeds to plant the garden for the summer for Wisconsin Badger Camp.
  • Provides a new parent packet from the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin.
  • Pays for a low-income family’s membership in Community GroundWorks’ CSA through their Food-to-Share fund.
  • Adopts an acre of land in Dane County for stream, wetland, or oak savannah restoration.
  • Supplies specialized infant formula for an at-risk baby.
  • Buys over 100 books for young children who would otherwise have limited learning opportunities in the home.
  • Provides training materials for Wisconsin Master Naturalists through the Natural Resources Foundation.
  • Screens 1 man or woman for skin cancer through the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
  • Provides an adolescent girl with a week-long training to help her improve assertiveness, leadership and other life skills for a brighter future.
  • Provides a new service dog handler with an appropriate leash for their service dog.
  • Provides basic hygiene kits (washcloth, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.) for 7 children.


FairShare CSA Coalition

Here are some additional examples of what your contribution can do:

  • $5 a month provides Comprehensive medication reviews and follow-up with a pharmacist for 20 low income seniors. (United Way of Dane County); supports an educational class visit and tour of the historic Aldo Leopold Shack and Leopold Center, where students learn the value of ecological restoration. (EarthShare Wisconsin).


  • $10 a month purchases adaptive equipment used by amputees and other severely injured veterans while participating in rehabilitative programs addressing their mental and physical healing. (Independent Charities of America); plants 12 trees thus offsetting 15 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which the average American is responsible for emitting into the atmosphere each year through The Conservation Fund. (America’s Charities).


  • $15 a month covers the cost of a month of clean water for 40 refugees. (Global Impact); buys 22 Basic solar photovoltaic (PV) Manuals for Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s ‘Introduction to PV 101’ students. (Wisconsin Environmental Education Foundation).


  • $20 a month buys two 6-person tents for the camping program through Wisconsin Badger Camp. (Access to Community Services); provides educational materials that reflect a person’s culture and language from the Alzheimer’s Association. (Community Health Charities).


  • $25 a month buys a tent heating stove, 3 blankets and a lantern for a family in Afghanistan. (Neighbor to Nation); Provides holiday turkeys to make Thanksgiving special. (Hunger Relief Fund of Wisconsin); helps pay for a social justice training and leadership development for LGBT youth of color through Freedom Inc. (Community Shares of Wisconsin).